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ISO 9001 Certified

Vanguard Instruments Company, Inc., Electronic Testing Equipment, Ontario, CA


Vanguard Instruments Co., (VIC), was founded in 1991. Currently, our 28,000 square-foot facility houses Administration, Design & Engineering, and Manufacturing operations. From its inception, VIC’s vision was, and is to develop and manufacture innovative test equipment for use in testing substation EHV circuit breakers and other electrical apparatus.


Field Pictures

Nazca Lines - "hummingbird", from Vanguard's trip to Peru
Timing Alstom HGE 1014 Breaker
Timing Siemens CB at ISA Bacata Substation, Colombia
EZCT-2000 Testing in Noi Bai, Vietnam
WRM-40 Testing in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam
ABB Factory in Pariera, Colombia
Eskom Transformer Diagnostic Training at Spitskop, South Africa
Fiat 500 at Electtromeccanica, Milan
Tri-Phase at Electtromeccanica, Milan
CVT Testing at Adelanto Substation, California
Tri-Phase Demo at Wilson Transformer in Malaysia
CT-8000 at LKH Switchgear in Malaysia
CT-8000 Training for TNB Malaysia
ATRT-03 S2 Training for ABB Service Center in Jakarta
Testing CB in Turkey
CB Testing at UluSoy Elektrik, Turkey
DigiTMR Training in Turkey
TNB ATRT/WRM Training and Delivery
Testing CB in Salamanga, Mexico
Transformer testing in India
Nazca Lines - "hands", from Vanguard's trip to Peru
ATRT-03 at TNB Substation in Malaysia
Testing CT in Indonesia
ESKOM Substation Crew in South Africa
Testing Transformer in California
EZCT at SCE Windhub Substation in the Mojave
EZCT and Tri-Phase at Eskom, South Africa
IRM-5000P at Rotex Engineering, South Africa
LTCA Testing at Eskom, South Africa
LTCA Testing at Power Tech, South Africa
Tri-Phase and LTCA Testing at Rotex Engineering, South Africa
2012 M&E Show, Malaysia
This picture saved our Ecuador rep, Sofia Vinuesa, from a ticket for talking on the phone!
TestOne Crew, Turkey
THIBIDI Test Station in Vietnam
Engineers Dinar and Nuraida at PLN Substation, Indonesia
Bill Newman from U & I Products (left) and Jerry Strittholt, Vanguard Sales Manager, (center) at the 2014 IEEE Vanguard Booth
Nazca Lines - "whale", from Vanguard's trip to Peru
ATRT-01 S3 Shipment to Getco, India
Eskom Training at Spitskop, South Africa
Eskom Transformer Test Cart, South Africa
Professor Ron from HV Test, South Africa
DigiTMR Training at WPI Power Solutions, South Africa
EZCT-2000 Test Station at Mitsubishi Electric, Australia
Enertel (Offical Vanguard Rep) Office in Parramatta, Australia
TRM-203 Demag Test at Oncor, Texas
Winding Resistance Test with TRM-203 at Xcel Energy, Lubbock, Texas
Vanguard Company Vehicle
Vanguard Company Vehicle
Vanguard Company Vehicle
ATRT-03 S2 Testing at TBEA, Vadodara, India
Sugar Cane Juice Stand, Vadodara, India
TRM-203 Testing at TBEA Energy, Vadodara, India
ATRT-03 at Wuhan High Speed Train Substation
Auto-Ohm 200 S3 at Wuhan High Speed Train Substation
Vanguard IRM-5000P - Takes a Kicking and Keeps on Ticking!
500 KV CVT Test in Recife, Brazil
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CVT-765 at CHESF Substation in Recife, Brazil
DMOM-600 and LTCA-10 at Inducor Ingenieria SA, Argentina
CT-7000 S3 Training at Eskom, Steelpoort, South Africa
CT-7000 S3 Training at Eskom, Rustenburg, South Africa
DMOM-200 S3 Training at Eskom, Steelpoort, South Africa
EZCT S2A Demo at Botswana Power Corporation