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ISO 9001 Certified

Vanguard Instruments Company, Inc., Electronic Testing Equipment, Ontario, CA

Relay Test Equipment


Primary Current Injection Source

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The VIC Model PCI-600 is a programmable, high-current source that is designed specifically for utility-substation applications. This alternating current(ac) test device is used primarily for injection testing of protective relays. This same device can also be used for testing thermal, magnetic and solid-state motor-protection relays and molded-case circuit breakers. The PCI-600 is versatile and can also be used in many other applications that require a high-current source.

  • Results displayed on a 4-line by 20-character backlit LCD
  • Test currents from 10 to 600 amperes
  • Also has an external-current input (0-10 A)

Digital Timer

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The RFD-200 S3 is a portable relay test set that delivers performance verification testing of electromechanical, electronic, and microprocessor-based protective relays in their operating installations. The RFD-200 S3 is a rugged test set suitable for testing a variety of protection relays operated in both indoor and outdoor environments. The unit’s ergonomic design and intuitive control panel layout make it ideal for first-time users who have little or no training.

  • A built-in Timer displays contact time in both cycles and milliseconds
  • AC current source with 3 outputs (10A, 40A, 100A)
  • Set of NO/NC dry contacts that change state when a test is initiated
  • AC voltage source for testing relays up to 250 Vac
  • DC Voltage source (0 - 300 Vdc)
  • Volt meter input (0 - 600 V input range)
  • Three power supplies (24 Vdc, 48 Vdc, 124 Vdc)
  • Built-in power resistors